This document describes how to use KAP C software on Compaq OpenVMS Alpha systems.

Intended Audience

This document is a guide for KAP users working with C on OpenVMS Alpha systems.

Structure of This Document

This document is organized into the following chapters and appendixes:

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The following conventions are used in this guide:
Convention  Description 
< >  Angle brackets denote command input you replace with the appropriate value. 
( )  Parentheses containing a single command value denote the default value. For example, (/optimize=5) denotes 5 is the default value.

Parentheses containing hyphenated value ranges denote that you choose a value from the range. 

[ ]  Square brackets indicate optional syntax. For example: #pragma _KAP [no]inline [(name)] 
italic type  Italic type indicates complete titles of manuals and keywords. 

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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