4.3.2 /inline_and_copy, /inlc, (off)

The /inline_and_copy command qualifier functions like the /inline qualifier, except that if all calls or references to a subprogram are inlined, the text of the routine is not optimized, but is copied unchanged to the transformed code file. This is intended for use when inlining routines from the same file as the call, and has no special effect when the routines being inlined are being taken from a library or another source file.

When a subprogram has been inlined everywhere it is used, leaving it unoptimized saves compilation time. When a program involves multiple source files, the unoptimized routine will still be available in case one of the other source files contains a reference to it, so no errors will result.

The /inline_and_ copy algorithm assumes that all calls and references to the routine precede it in the source file. If the routine is referenced after the text of the routine, and that particular call site cannot be inlined, the unoptimized version of the routine will be invoked.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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