4.3.3 /inline_create, /incr, (off), /ipa_create, /ipacr, (off)

These qualifiers cause KAP to build a library file containing partially analyzed routines for later inlining. The library created is used with the /inline_from_libraries (/ipa_ from_libraries ) qualifier.

Libraries created with /inline_create can be used with either inlining or IPA, since they contain essentially complete descriptions of the subroutines and functions included. Libraries created with /ipa_create can be used only with IPA, since they do not have the complete text of the routines, just the data relationship information.

You can use any name for the created library. However, for maximum compatibility with the /inline_from_libraries and /ipa_from_libraries qualifiers, Compaq recommends that you use the .klib extension.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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