4.3.8 /ipa_from_libraries, /ipafl, (off)

The /..._from_... qualifiers provide KAP with the locations of subroutines and functions available for inlining/IPA. The total set of available routines is called the inlining (or IPA) universe.

The /..._from_files qualifiers take the names of source files and directories containing source files. Including a directory, for example, /ipaff=/work is equivalent to the notation /work*.c .

The /..._from_libraries qualifiers take the names of libraries created with the /..._create qualifiers and directories containing such libraries. In directories, the KAP libraries are identified by the .klib extension.

Multiple files/libraries or directories can be given in one /..._from_... qualifier, separated by commas or colons. Multiple /..._from_... qualifiers can be specified on the command line. KAP searches for subroutines and functions in the provided files and libraries in the order in which they appear on the command line.

The /..._from_... qualifiers do not activate inlining or IPA. The /inline or /ipa qualifiers must be specified.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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