4.3.9 /inline_looplevel, /inll, (/inline_looplevel=2), /ipa_looplevel, /ipall, (/ipa_looplevel=2)

The /..._looplevel qualifiers enable you to limit inlining to just routines that are referenced in nested loops, where the effects of reduced call overhead or enhanced optimizations will be multiplied.

The parameter is defined from the most deeply nested subprogram reference. The /inll=1 qualifier restricts inlining to subroutines and functions referenced in the deepest loop nest. The /inll=3 qualifier restricts inlining to those routines referenced at the three deepest levels. The loop nest level of each call or function reference is included in the optional calling tree section of the listing file.

The /..._looplevel qualifiers do not activate inlining or IPA. The /inline or /ipa qualifiers must be specified.

The C*$* [no]inline and C*$* [no]ipa directives, when enabled, are not affected by the /looplevel restrictions.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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