4.5.11 /heaplimit, /heap, (/heaplimit=100)

KAP may require large amounts of memory in order to processes your source code. The /heaplimit option specifies the maximum size in megabytes that the KAP heap can grow. If this limit is breached, KAP will stop processing your source code and try to exit with an out of memory error message.

If you choose a /heaplimit setting that is greater than the amount of memory that your machine has available, KAP may run out of memory before it reaches the /heaplimit . KAP relies upon the operating system to tell it that the process has run out of memory before that problem occurs. Some operating systems kill KAP without first telling KAP that there is insufficient memory. In that case, KAP may stop processing your code and exit in an undefined manner. Using /heaplimit makes a graceful exit more likely.

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