4.5.12 /limit, /lm, (/limit=50)

To reduce compilation time, KAP estimates the length of time required to analyze each loop nest construct. If a loop is too deeply nested, KAP ignores the outer loop and recursively visits the inner loops. The loop nest limit is a rough dial to control what KAP considers too deeply nested.

Loops that exceeded this threshold will be marked in the Loop Table (/listoptions=l ) in the listing file.

Larger loop nest limits may allow more optimizations to be performed for deeply nested loop structures, but may take more compilation time. The limit does not correspond to the loop nest level; rather, it is an estimate of the number of loop orderings that can be generated from a loop nest. The /limit qualifier resets this internal limit. The loop nest limit can also be modified with the C*$* limit <integer> directive. Most users do not need to change this value.

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