5.3 Inlining and IPA Directives

The /inline_... and /ipa_... directives control manual inlining and IPA. See Chapter 6 for a more complete description.

The /inline_... and /ipa_... directives let you manually select which functions to inline or interprocedure- analyze at which call sites. If these directives appears with a name list, all occurrences of the named functions will be inlined /analyzed, if possible, in all references within the scope of the directive. If a directive appears without a list of functions, all function references are eligible.

The no forms turn off inlining and IPA of the named functions.

The routine and global scopes can be terminated by the corresponding no directives. Likewise, /noinline directives can be terminated with the positive directive.

Enabled pragmas override the /inline , /ipa , /inline_depth , /inline_looplevel , and /ipa_looplevel command qualifiers. You can use them in addition to, or in place of, command-line controlled, inlining/IPA.

An /inline or /ipa command qualifier must be specified for the corresponding directive to be enabled. The /inline_manual or /ipa_manual qualifier will enable the corresponding directive without activating the automatic selection algorithms. See the description of the /..._manual command qualifiers in Chapter 4 or Chapter 6 for more information.

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Command-Line Qualifiers

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