5.4 Parallel Processing Directive

The following directive is available in the multiprocessor version of KAP:

#pragma _KAP minconcurrent=<integer>

Executing a loop in parallel incurs overhead that varies with different systems. If a loop has little work, the overhead required to set up parallel execution may make the loop execute more slowly than it executes serially. The minconcurrent qualifier sets the level of work in a loop above which KAP should execute the loop in parallel. The higher the minconcurrent value, the more iterations and/or statements the loop body must have to run in parallel.

Specifying #pragma _KAP minconcurrent (0) tells KAP to parallelize all the following loops in the program unit, regardless of the loop bounds and the work in the loop. The range of values for this directive is 0 to 999 .

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