Compaq ACMS for OpenVMS
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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 ADU Commands and Clauses
Chapter 2 ACMS Management Utilities and Commands
Chapter 3 ACMS Application Programming Services and Task Debugger Commands
Chapter 4 Systems Interface (SI) Services
Appendix A Checklist for ACMS Application Development
Appendix B Changing and Debugging ACMS Applications
Appendix C Summary of ACMS System Workspaces


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 ADU Commands and Clauses
     1.1     ADU Commands
         1.1.1         @ (At sign) Command (ADU>)
         1.1.2         ATTACH Command (ADU>)
         1.1.3         BUILD Command (ADU>)
         1.1.4         COMPILE Command (ADU>)
         1.1.5         COPY Command (ADU>)
         1.1.6         CREATE Command (ADU>)
         1.1.7         DELETE Command (ADU>)
         1.1.8         DUMP Command (ADU>)
         1.1.9         EDIT Command (ADU>)
         1.1.10         EXIT Command (ADU>)
         1.1.11         HELP Command (ADU>)
         1.1.12         LINK Command (ADU>)
         1.1.13         LIST Command (ADU>)
         1.1.14         MODIFY Command (ADU>)
         1.1.15         REPLACE Command (ADU>)
         1.1.16         SAVE Command (ADU>)
         1.1.17         SET DEFAULT Command (ADU>)
         1.1.18         SET LOG Command (ADU>)
         1.1.19         SET VERIFY Command (ADU>)
         1.1.20         SHOW DEFAULT Command (ADU>)
         1.1.21         SHOW LOG Command (ADU>)
         1.1.22         SHOW VERSION Command (ADU>)
         1.1.23         SPAWN Command (ADU>)
     1.2     %INCLUDE
         1.2.1         %INCLUDE
     1.3     Task Definition Clauses
         1.3.1         Task Syntax
         1.3.2         Block Step Phrases Syntax
         1.3.3         Exchange Step Syntax
         1.3.4         Processing Step Syntax
         1.3.5         Action Clauses Syntax
         1.3.6         BLOCK Clause (Block)
         1.3.7         CALL Clause (Processing)
         1.3.8         CALL TASK Clause (Processing)
         1.3.9         CANCEL ACTION Phrase (Block)
         1.3.10         CANCEL TASK Clause (Action)
         1.3.11         CANCELABLE Clause (Task)
         1.3.12         COMMIT TRANSACTION Clause (Action)
         1.3.13         CONTROL FIELD Clause (Action, Block, Exchange, Processing)
         1.3.14         DATATRIEVE COMMAND Clause (Processing)
         1.3.15         DCL COMMAND Clause (Processing)
         1.3.16         DEFAULT FORM Clause (Task)
         1.3.17         DEFAULT REQUEST LIBRARY Clause (Task)
         1.3.18         DEFAULT SERVER Clause (Task)
         1.3.19         DELAY Clause (Task)
         1.3.20         EXCEPTION HANDLER Clause (Block, Exchange, Processing)
         1.3.21         EXCHANGE Clause (Task)
         1.3.22         EXIT BLOCK Clause (Action)
         1.3.23         EXIT TASK Clause (Action)
         1.3.24         FORM I/O Phrase (Block)
         1.3.25         GET ERROR MESSAGE Clause (Action)
         1.3.26         GLOBAL Clause (Task)
         1.3.27         GOTO STEP Clause (Action)
         1.3.28         IF THEN ELSE Clause (Action, Block, Exchange, Processing)
         1.3.29         IMAGE Clause (Processing)
         1.3.30         LOCAL Clause (Task)
         1.3.31         MOVE Clause (Action)
         1.3.32         NO EXCHANGE Clause (Exchange)
         1.3.33         NO PROCESSING Clause (Processing)
         1.3.34         NO SERVER CONTEXT ACTION Clause (Action)
         1.3.35         NO TERMINAL I/O Phrase (Block, Processing)
         1.3.36         NONPARTICIPATING SERVER Phrase (Processing)
         1.3.37         PROCESSING Clause (Task)
         1.3.38         RAISE EXCEPTION Clause (Action)
         1.3.39         READ Clause (Exchange)
         1.3.40         RECEIVE Clause (Exchange)
         1.3.41         RELEASE SERVER CONTEXT Clause (Action)
         1.3.42         REPEAT STEP Clause (Action)
         1.3.43         REQUEST Clause (Exchange)
         1.3.44         REQUEST I/O Phrase (Block, Processing)
         1.3.45         RETAIN SERVER CONTEXT Clause (Action)
         1.3.46         ROLLBACK TRANSACTION Clause (Action)
         1.3.47         SELECT FIRST Clause (Action, Block, Exchange, Processing)
         1.3.48         SEND Clause (Exchange)
         1.3.49         SERVER CONTEXT Phrase (Block)
         1.3.50         STREAM I/O Phrase (Block)
         1.3.51         TASK ARGUMENTS Phrase (Task)
         1.3.52         TERMINAL I/O Phrase (Processing)
         1.3.53         TRANSACTION Phrase (Block, Processing)
         1.3.54         TRANSCEIVE Clause (Exchange)
         1.3.55         USE WORKSPACE Clause (Task)
         1.3.56         WAIT Clause (Task)
         1.3.57         WHILE DO Clause (Block, Exchange, Processing)
         1.3.58         WORKSPACES Clause (Task)
         1.3.59         WRITE Clause (Exchange)
     1.4     Task Group Definition Clauses
         1.4.1         Task Group Syntax
         1.4.2         Processing Subclauses Syntax
         1.4.3         Server Subclauses Syntax
         1.4.4         ALWAYS EXECUTE TERMINATION PROCEDURE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.5         CALL Subclause (Processing)
         1.4.6         CANCEL PROCEDURE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.7         DATATRIEVE COMMAND Subclause (Processing)
         1.4.8         DCL AVAILABLE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.9         DCL COMMAND Subclause (Processing)
         1.4.10         DCL PROCESS Subclause (Server)
         1.4.11         DEFAULT OBJECT FILE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.12         DEFAULT TASK GROUP FILE Clause (Task Group)
         1.4.13         DYNAMIC USERNAME Subclause (Server)
         1.4.14         FIXED USERNAME Subclause (Server)
         1.4.15         FORMS Clause (Task Group)
         1.4.16         IMAGE Subclause (Processing)
         1.4.17         INITIALIZATION PROCEDURE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.18         MESSAGE FILES Clause (Task Group)
         1.4.19         PROCEDURE SERVER IMAGE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.20         PROCEDURES Subclause (Server)
         1.4.21         REQUEST LIBRARIES Clause (Task Group)
         1.4.22         REUSABLE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.23         RUNDOWN ON CANCEL Subclause (Server)
         1.4.24         SERVERS Clause (Task Group)
         1.4.25         TASKS Clause (Task Group)
         1.4.26         TERMINATION PROCEDURE Subclause (Server)
         1.4.27         USERNAME Subclause (Server)
         1.4.28         WORKSPACES Clause (Task Group)
     1.5     Application Definition Clauses
         1.5.1         Application Definition Syntax
         1.5.2         SERVER ATTRIBUTES Clause Syntax
         1.5.3         SERVER DEFAULTS Clause Syntax
         1.5.4         TASK ATTRIBUTES Clause Syntax
         1.5.5         TASK DEFAULTS Clause Syntax
         1.5.6         ACCESS Subclause (Task)
         1.5.7         APPLICATION DEFAULT DIRECTORY Clause (Application)
         1.5.8         APPLICATION LOGICALS Clause (Application)
         1.5.9         APPLICATION NAME TABLES Clause (Application)
         1.5.10         APPLICATION USERNAME Clause (Application)
         1.5.11         AUDIT Clause (Application, Server, Task)
         1.5.12         CANCELABLE Subclause (Task)
         1.5.13         CREATION DELAY Subclause (Server)
         1.5.14         CREATION INTERVAL Subclause (Server)
         1.5.15         DEFAULT APPLICATION FILE Clause (Application)
         1.5.16         DEFAULT DIRECTORY Subclause (Server)
         1.5.17         DELAY Subclause (Task)
         1.5.18         DELETION DELAY Subclause (Server)
         1.5.19         DELETION INTERVAL Subclause (Server)
         1.5.20         DISABLE Subclause (Task)
         1.5.21         DYNAMIC USERNAME Subclause (Server)
         1.5.22         ENABLE Subclause (Task)
         1.5.23         FIXED USERNAME Subclause (Server)
         1.5.24         GLOBAL Subclause (Task)
         1.5.25         LOCAL Subclause (Task)
         1.5.26         LOGICALS Subclause (Server)
         1.5.27         MAXIMUM SERVER PROCESSES Clause (Application, Server)
         1.5.28         MAXIMUM TASK INSTANCES Clause (Application)
         1.5.29         MINIMUM SERVER PROCESSES Subclause (Server)
         1.5.30         NAME TABLES Subclause (Server)
         1.5.31         PROTECTED WORKSPACES Subclause (Server)
         1.5.32         SERVER ATTRIBUTES Clause (Application)
         1.5.33         SERVER DEFAULTS Clause (Application)
         1.5.34         SERVER MONITORING INTERVAL Clause (Application)
         1.5.35         SERVER PROCESS DUMP Subclause (Server)
         1.5.36         TASK ATTRIBUTES Clause (Application)
         1.5.37         TASK DEFAULTS Clause (Application)
         1.5.38         TASK GROUPS Clause (Application)
         1.5.39         TRANSACTION TIMEOUT Subclause (Task)
         1.5.40         USERNAME Subclause (Server)
         1.5.41         WAIT Subclause (Task)
     1.6     Menu Definition Clauses
         1.6.1         Menu Definition Syntax
         1.6.2         CONTROL TEXT Clause (Menu)
         1.6.3         DEFAULT APPLICATION Clause (Menu)
         1.6.4         DEFAULT MENU FILE Clause (Menu)
         1.6.5         DELAY Subclause (Optional ENTRIES)
         1.6.6         ENTRIES Clause (Menu)
         1.6.7         HEADER Clause (Menu)
         1.6.8         MENU Subclause (Required ENTRIES)
         1.6.9         REQUEST Clause (Menu)
         1.6.10         TASK Subclause (Required ENTRIES)
         1.6.11         TEXT Subclause (Optional ENTRIES)
         1.6.12         WAIT Subclause (Optional ENTRIES)
         1.6.13         Application Specification Parameter
     1.7     Declining Features Syntax
         1.7.1         COMMIT Clause (Action)
         1.7.2         CONTINUE ON BAD STATUS Phrase (Processing)
         1.7.3         DBMS RECOVERY Phrase (Block, Processing)
         1.7.4         GOTO TASK Clause (Action)
         1.7.5         NO RECOVERY UNIT ACTION Clause (Action)
         1.7.6         RDB RECOVERY Phrase (Block, Processing)
         1.7.7         REPEAT TASK Clause (Action)
         1.7.8         RETAIN RECOVERY UNIT Clause (Action)
         1.7.9         RMS RECOVERY Phrase (Block, Processing)
         1.7.10         ROLLBACK Clause (Action)
         1.7.11         SQL RECOVERY Phrase (Block, Processing)

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