Compaq ACMS for OpenVMS
Version 4.4 Release Notes


Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Features of This Release
Chapter 2 Installation Changes
Chapter 3 Corrected Problems
Chapter 4 Known Problems
Chapter 5 Restrictions
Chapter 6 General Information
Chapter 7 Guidelines for Reporting an ACMS Problem


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Features of This Release
     1.1     General ACMS Features
         1.1.1         Enhanced OpenVMS and Layered Product Support
         1.1.2         New Flag for the ACMS$DEQUEUE_TASK Service
         1.1.3         Updated ISSUBVAL.B32 Function in the ACMS$GETUAI Service
     1.2     Remote Manager Features
         1.2.1         Web-Enabled ACMS Systems Management
         1.2.2         Enhanced System Tuning Capability
         1.2.3         ACMS Run-Time Error Collection and Filtering
         1.2.4         Data Collection Storage and Viewing
Chapter 2
2 Installation Changes
     2.1     General Installation Information
     2.2     Installing the ACMS Remote Manager Web Agent
     2.4     ACMS Version Identification File (ACMS_ECO_LEVEL.DAT)
     2.5     Reinstall ACMS After OpenVMS Upgrades
     2.6     Programming Examples on ACMS Kit
Chapter 3
3 Corrected Problems
     3.1     Minimum Disk Space Needed for Installation Calculated Correctly
     3.2     SWLPROC No Longer Fails When Disk Space is Unavailable
     3.3     Starting ACMS Applications With a High MAXPROCESSCNT Value No Longer Result in a Fatal Error
     3.4     ADU LINK/STDL Command Documented
     3.5     Spaces in SET PARAMETER Commands No Longer Trigger an Access Violation
     3.6     New Default QTI State for ACMSMGR START SYSTEM
     3.7     ACMSMGR SHOW ERROR and SHOW LOG Accept OpenVMS Date_Time Keywords
Chapter 4
4 Known Problems
     4.1     Problems in ACMS Version 4.4
         4.1.1         Using the ACMS Task Debugger with the Compaq OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 Debugger
         4.1.2         Remote Manager Unable to Register with TCP/IP RPC Service
         4.1.3         Remote Manager Does Not Recognize When Rights Identifiers are Removed from Proxy Clients
         4.1.4         Remote Manager Error Log and Audit Log Share Filename
         4.1.5         Accessing an ACMSMGR Online Help Topic from the DCL Command Line May Display Wrong Topic
         4.1.6         ACMSMGR SHOW COLLECTION/BRIEF May Truncate Entity Name and Storage Location
         4.1.7         ACMSMGR SHOW TSC, CP, EXC, and QTI Does Not Display All Channel Count Values
         4.1.8         ACMSMGR SHOW ACC Does Not Display Runtime Values for Some OpenVMS System Parameters
         4.1.9         Incomplete ACMSMGR SET Commands Result in Success Message
         4.1.10         ACMSMGR START, STOP, and SET Commands May Result in Misleading Error Messages When Issued Without Proper Rights Identifier
         4.1.11         ACMSMGR Displays Incorrect Error Messages When Updating Global Page File Value without ACMS$MGMT_SYSUPD
         4.1.12         ACMSMGR ADD FILTER/FILE Incorrectly Returns an Error Message
         4.1.13         ACMSMGR SET COLLECTION/ID and /CONFIG Does Not Allow Changes Only to Storage Start or End Time
         4.1.14         Cannot Access ACMSSNAP Online Help from the DCL Command Line
         4.1.15         ACMSSNAP SHOW Commands Display Only One Timestamp Value
         4.1.16         ACMSSNAP SHOW Commands May Overlay the Status Message with the Timestamp Value
         4.1.17         ACMSSNAP OPEN/SUMMARY Displays an Additional Row for Manager Data
         4.1.18         Remote Manager Web Agent May Fail with Access Violation if Connection to Remote Host is Terminated Unexpectedly
         4.1.19         Cannot Set Data Snapshot Storage Times for ID and CONFIG Classes with Remote Manager Web Agent
         4.1.20         Remote Manager Web Agent Show Log Commands Display Blank Page
     4.2     Problems Continued from ACMS Version 4.3
         4.2.1         Incorrect Queue Order with RMS Journaling
         4.2.2         ADU LINK Aborts with %STR-F-INSVIRMEM or %SYSTEM-F-ACCVIO Error
         4.2.3         ACMS SWL Process May be Deleted
         4.2.4         EXC Process Can Disappear without Writing Error to SWL or ATR Logs
         4.2.5         Free Server Count Not Decremented in Remote Manager
         4.2.6         Hard Coded Restriction of 4095 Application Starts During an ACMS Invocation
         4.2.7         ACMS Task Debugger May Display Incorrect Information on OpenVMS Version 7.x
         4.2.8         ACMS May Fail to Start with %SYSTEM-F-NOSUCHNODE Error
         4.2.9         Disabling Id and Config Classes Using CLASS=*
         4.2.10         Remote Manager May Lose Some Collection Table Update Messages
Chapter 5
5 Restrictions
     5.1     Restrictions in ACMS Version 4.4
         5.1.1         Multithreading and Upcalls on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1--2
         5.1.2         Length Restriction for TCP/IP Hosts
         5.1.3         Remote Manager and TP Connector Software May Conflict Over TCP/IP Port 1023
         5.1.4         New ACMS Configuration File Required
         5.1.5         Compatibility Issues with ACMS Version 4.3
         5.1.6         PATROL Knowledge Modules Not Yet Available
         5.1.7         Certain ACMS Errors Not Sent to the Remote Manager Error Log
         5.1.8         Remote Manager May Display Incorrect Run-time Values for EXC Free and Total Server Counts
         5.1.9         Running Multiple Data Snapshots from Remote Manager Can Exhaust Pagefile Quota
         5.1.10         Correcting an Invalid Data Snapshot Storage Location
         5.1.11         Using /ACTIVE and /STORED Qualifiers with ACMSMGR SET commands
         5.1.12         Use ACMSSNAP SHOW Commands to Display ERROR Class Data
         5.1.13         Using the ACMSSNAP SHOW/AT Command
     5.2     Restrictions Continued from ACMS Version 4.3
         5.2.1         CDD Version 6.x Support Restricted
         5.2.2         SNMP GETNEXT Calls Return Unpredictable Results
         5.2.3         Remote Manager is Unusable Following TCP/IP or UCX Shutdown
         5.2.4         Error Message When Stopping Remote Manager
         5.2.5         Remote Manager Reports Error Message if it Can't Get Collection State
         5.2.6         Remote Manager May Report ACMSTRC$_MONPROCEXST Error When Trying to Start Trace Monitor
         5.2.7         Remote Manager Takes a Few Seconds to Start
         5.2.8         ACMSMGR SHOW LOG /SINCE Qualifier Default
         5.2.9         Remote Manager EVENT_SEVERITY Traps Do Not Include Text Messages
     5.3     Restrictions Continued from ACMS Version 4.1
         5.3.1         Form Name Cannot be a Logical Name When Using Multiple Submitter Platforms
         5.3.2         CDD Restriction Initializing Fields with Strings Shorter Than Field Size
         5.3.3         Lowercase Characters Corrupted
         5.3.4         On OpenVMS Alpha, Agent Hangs on Second Task Startup in Task Debugger
         5.3.5         QTI's PIOPAGE Requirements for RMS Journaling on OpenVMS Alpha
         5.3.6         Using the Terminal User Command SELECT
         5.3.7         Problem Phoning from DCL Servers
         5.3.8         Submitters on VAXstation Must Have SHARE Privilege
         5.3.9         Task Debugger and Online Server Debugging
                Examining Binary Date Data Types
                Exiting the Task Debugger with Ctrl/C or Ctrl/Y
         5.3.10         Application Management Commands and Tools
                ACMSPARAM May Generate an Excessive PGFLQUOTA Value for the CP Account
                ACMSPARAM and ACMEXCPAR Do Not Support Search Lists
                MSS Process Pool Exhausted Errors are Reported Incorrectly
         5.3.11         Task Queuing Restrictions
                Processing of Failed Queued Task Elements
         5.3.12         Application Definition Utility (ADU) Restrictions
                ADU Migration from DMU Dictionary to CDO Dictionary
                Workaround for MMS Restriction with ADU
                Invalid Characters in ADU Cause ADU to Terminate with TKN_INVALID Error Message
                Using Search Lists to Point to Multiple Dictionaries in ADU
                "End of Task-Referenced Workspace Table" Error on Selection of Invalid Task
         5.3.13         Request Interface (RI) Restrictions
                User-Written Menus for the ACMS$RI_AGENT
         5.3.14         ACMS and DECforms Restrictions
                Problems Using DECforms and TDMS in the Same ACMS Application
                DECforms Timeout Values
                Naming Form Image Files
                BOLD Video Attribute Carried Forward from Menus

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