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OpenVMS Version 7.3 New Features and Documentation Overview

OpenVMS Version 7.3
New Features and Documentation Overview

Order Number: AA--QSBFD--TE

April 2001

This manual describes the new features associated with the OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3 operating systems, and provides an overview of the documentation that supports the software.

Revision/Update Information: This is a new manual.

Software Version: OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3
OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3

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The Compaq OpenVMS documentation set is available on CD-ROM.

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Intended Audience

This manual is intended for general users, system managers, and programmers who use the Compaq OpenVMS Operating System.

This document describes the new features related to Version 7.3 of the OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX operating systems. For information about how some of the new features might affect your system, read the release notes before you install, upgrade, or use Version 7.3.

Document Structure

This manual contains the following parts and chapters:

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Part 1
OpenVMS Version 7.3 New Features

Chapter 1
Summary of OpenVMS Version 7.3 New Features

Compaq OpenVMS Version 7.3 delivers the highest levels of availability, scalability, flexibility, performance, and security that are required for e-Business. With more than 20 years of proven reliability, OpenVMS continues to improve its availability and performance by including new technology into the base operating system and the OpenVMS Cluster software environment. The base infrastructure technologies needed to support e-Business applications are being incorporated into the OpenVMS license, so that OpenVMS is e-Business and Internet ready.

OpenVMS Version 7.3 new features include the following:

OpenVMS Version 7.3 includes all the capabilities of OpenVMS Version 7.2, OpenVMS Version 7.2-1, and the OpenVMS Version 7.2-1H1 hardware release.

Table 1-1 summarizes each feature provided by OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3 and presents these features according to their functional component (e-Business, general user, system management, programming, or associated product).

New features that are available only on the OpenVMS Alpha platform are identified with the word Alpha in the summary table and in the section title. These features are not available on OpenVMS VAX systems. However, some of the OpenVMS Alpha features may be part of a mixed architecture cluster.

Table 1-1 Summary of OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 Software Features
Compaq OpenVMS e-Business Infrastructure Package for OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3
Compaq OpenVMS e-Business This chapter provides information on the following e-Business technologies that are included in the Compaq OpenVMS e-Business Infrastructure Package with OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3:
  • Compaq Secure Web Server for OpenVMS Alpha (based on Apache)
  • Compaq COM for OpenVMS
  • Compaq Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition
  • Compaq Fast Virtual Machine (Fast VM) for the Java 2 Platform on OpenVMS Alpha
  • Compaq XML Technology
  • Attunity Connect "On Platform" Package
  • Compaq Enterprise Directory Services for e-Business
  • Reliable Transaction Router (RTR)
  • Compaq Bridgeworks

The Compaq OpenVMS e-Business Infrastructure Package provides key Internet and e-Business software technology that enhances the base OpenVMS Alpha operating system. These technologies are licensed with the OpenVMS Alpha operating system.

General User Features
DCL commands Several DCL commands have been updated for Version 7.3.
Utility routines online help As of Version 7.3, online help now includes all the OpenVMS utility routines that are described in the OpenVMS Utility Routines Manual.
MIME utility The MIME utility has been enhanced with new commands and qualifiers.
OpenVMS Alpha firmware The OpenVMS Version 7.3 CD-ROM package includes the Alpha Systems Firmware Update Version 5.9 CD-ROM and Release Notes. Please read the Release Notes before installing the firmware.
World-Wide PostScript Printing Subsystem (Alpha) WWPPS is a new utility that allows users to print text files in many languages on generic PostScript printers that do not have resident language fonts.
System Management Features
OpenVMS support for new AlphaServer GS series systems OpenVMS Version 7.3 provides support for Compaq's AlphaServer GS80, GS160 and GS320 systems. This support includes:
  • OpenVMS support for hard and soft partitions (Galaxy) on AlphaServer GS160 and GS320 systems
  • OpenVMS Resource Affinity Domain (RAD) support for applications
  • CPU Online Replace
Automatic daylight savings time change System parameter can be set to allow OpenVMS to automatically change system time to and from Daylight Savings Time.
CPU Online Replace (AlphaServer GS160/320 systems) OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 supports CPU Online Replace. CPU Online Replace provides the ability to replace secondary CPUs on a running system without rebooting, which increases system maintainability and serviceability.
Class scheduler for CPU scheduling A new class scheduler for both VAX and Alpha systems allows you to designate the amount of CPU time that a system's users may receive by placing users into scheduling classes.
Dedicated CPU Lock Manager (Alpha) Compaq for OpenVMS Version 7.3 provides a dedicated CPU lock manager, which improves SMP system and application performance.
OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for e-Business OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for e-Business is a massively scalable directory service, providing both X.500 and LDAPv3 services on OpenVMS Alpha with no separate license fee.
Extended File Cache (XFC) (Alpha) XFC improves I/O performance and gives you control over the choice of cache and cache parameters. The Extended File Cache improves I/O performance with the following features that are not available with the Virtual I/O Cache:
  • Read-ahead caching
  • Automatic resizing of the cache
  • Larger maximum cache size
  • No limit on the number of closed files that can be cached
  • Control over the maximum size of I/O that can be cached
  • Control over whether cache memory is static or dynamic
INSTALL utility has /ARB_SUPPORT qualifier You can use the /ARB_SUPPORT qualifier with the ADD, CREATE, and REPLACE commands in the INSTALL Utility. The ARB_SUPPORT qualifier provides Access Rights Block (ARB) support to products that have not yet been updated with the per-thread security Persona Security Block (PSB) data structure.
MONITOR utility enhancements Two new MONITOR command parameters have been added to enhance the OpenVMS display of system information. RLOCK and TIMER are used to monitor, respectively, the dynamic lock remastering statistics and the Timer Queue Entry (TQE) statistics of a node.
OpenVMS Cluster systems The following are new OpenVMS Cluster features:
Clusterwide intrusion detection Clusterwide intrusion detection is enabled by the integration of intrusion data and information from each system into a clusterwide intrusion database. The clusterwide database contains all unauthorized attempts and the state of any intrusion event.
Fast Path for SCSI and Fibre Channel (Alpha) Fast Path is now supported on KZPBA (parallel SCSI) and KGPSA (Fibre Channel) ports.
Floppy disk served in an OpenVMS Cluster system (Alpha) MSCP supports the serving of floppy disks in an OpenVMS Cluster system, provided the devices are named in accordance with the port allocation naming conventions.
Fibre Channel support (Alpha) Support for larger I/O packets, for new Fibre Channel hardware, and for larger configurations is included.
LANs as cluster interconnects Use of ATM as a cluster interconnect improves performance, scalability, and manageability. In addition, a new management utility, the SCA Control Program (SCACP), performs certain privileged cluster management functions.
Warranted and migration support OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 and OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3 provide two levels of support, warranted and migration, for mixed-version and mixed-architecture OpenVMS Cluster systems.
POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility qualifier The /FULL qualifier has been added to the PRODUCT LIST command. Use of this qualifier produces output in 132-column format and displays supplemental information about each file in the product kit, such as the size of the file and remarks about its usage.
Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) performance improvements OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 contains software changes that improve SMP scaling.
SYSMAN commands and qualifiers Several new SYSMAN commands and qualifiers have been added for OpenVMS Version 7.3.
System parameters Several new and updated system parameters have been added for OpenVMS Version 7.3.
Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS introduces three new features:
  • Minicopy operation, which is a streamlined copy operation. Minicopy can significantly decrease the time it takes to perform a full copy operation and can significantly increase the availability of the shadow sets that use this feature.
  • New qualifiers added to the DISMOUNT and SET commands for disaster tolerant support for OpenVMS Cluster systems.
  • A new /SHADOW qualifier to the INITIALIZE command.
Programming Features
3D graphics support The PowerStorm 300/350 (PBXGD-AD, PBXGD-AE) graphics cards are now supported on Alpha based systems. The OpenGL 3D graphics API is now provided as part of the base operating system.
ATM LAN adapters (Alpha) Compaq OpenVMS Version 7.3 provides two new ATM LAN adapters, the 3X-DAPBA-FA and 3X-DAPCA-FA.
Compaq COBOL Run-Time Library The following enhancements have been made to the COBOL RTL:
  • Five new intrinsic functions with four-digit year formats
  • Improved performance for DISPLAY redirected to a file and for programs compiled with /MATH=CIT3 and MATH=CIT4 (Alpha)
  • Improved compatibility of Alpha and VAX in the handling of the ON SIZE ERROR
Compaq C Run-Time Library enhancements The following enhancements have been made to the Compaq C Run-Time Library for OpenVMS Version 7.3:
  • The strptime function was made XPG5-compliant.
  • The limitation of eight nested directory levels was lifted for an ODS-5 device (Alpha).
  • Case preservation in file name is supported (Alpha).
  • Most C RTL functions now accept long OpenVMS-style file names as arguments.
  • Exact-case argv arguments is supported (Alpha).
  • Files can be implicitly opened for shared access.
  • There is an alternative way of translating UNIX file specifications.
  • Several new C RTL functions have been added.
Fortran 64-bit address support (Alpha) Support has been added for Fortran developers to use static data in 64-bit address space.
Large Page-File sections (Alpha) Previous limits for page-file sections have been extended significantly to take advantage of larger physical memory. Now images that use 64-bit addressing can map and access an amount of dynamic virtual memory that is larger than the amount of physical memory available on the system.
Multipath system services New services have been added that allow you to return path information and enable, disable, and switch specific I/O paths to any device.
Multiprocess debugging (Alpha) Debugger support for multiprocess programs has been extensively overhauled. Problems have been corrected and the user-interface has been improved.
Nonpaged executive (Alpha) In previous releases, some of the OpenVMS Alpha executive code was nonpageable (it resided permanently in memory) and some was pageable. As of OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3, the base operating system images contain nonpageable code only.

This new nonpageable design improves the performance of system services from 5 to 20 percent and uses almost no extra memory because of the method used to link the images.

Performance API The Performance Application Programming Interface (API) provides a documented functional interface---the $GETRMI system service---that allows performance software engineers to access a predefined list of performance data items.
POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility enhancements Enhancements have been made to the POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility product description language and the POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility Developer's Guide.
Process dump tools (Alpha) New dump format and tools for analyzing process dumps allow you to do the following consistently and reliably:
Transport a dump to another system for analysis
Analyze threaded and 64-bit processes
Analyze images with shared linkages
RMS locking enhancements RMS includes the following enhancements for OpenVMS Version 7.3:
  • Global buffer read-mode bucket locking (Alpha)---Improves RMS application performance on OpenVMS Alpha systems by minimizing locking for shared access to global buffers. Does not require changes to existing applications.
  • No query record locking (Alpha)---Improves RMS application performance on OpenVMS Alpha systems by allowing applications to read records without locking them. Avoids the processing associated with record locking calls to the lock manager. Can be enabled on a per-record read operation or at the file level. Includes the new /QUERY_LOCK qualifier and values to the SET RMS_DEFAULT command to disable query record locking at the process level.
  • Record Locking options to control deadlock detection---Allow RMS to directly control deadlock detection. Options correspond to existing lock request flags used by the distributed lock manager (through $ENQ system service calls).
OpenVMS Registry The OpenVMS Registry includes the ability to specify the number of seconds that the $REGISTRY service will wait for a response from the Registry Server.
System Dump Analyzer (SDA) commands, parameters, and qualifiers (Alpha) New Alpha SDA commands, parameters, and qualifiers expand the functionality of the System Dump Analysis tool.
System Dump Analyzer (SDA) commands for the Spinlock Tracing utility (Alpha) The new SDA Spinlock Tracing utility has commands for gathering and analyzing spinlock performance data. The SDA Spinlock Tracing utility was introduced in OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2-1H1.
System services Several system services have been added and updated for Version 7.3.
TCP/IP files for Alpha and VAX SDA TCP/IP files contain the global symbols and locations within the Executive Image for the Alpha and VAX SDA READ command.
Visual Threads Version 2.1 (Alpha) The Visual Threads diagnostic tool helps you analyze and refine your multithreaded applications. You can use it to debug potential thread-related problems and to pinpoint bottlenecks and performance problems.

Visual Threads Version 2.1 contains functionality and enhancements to help you find application problems before they occur.

Associated Products Features
Availability Manager Version 1.4 OpenVMS Version 7.3 contains Availability Manager Version 1.4. Soon after the release of OpenVMS Version 7.3, Availability Manager Version 2.0 will become available, which includes several new features and enhancements.
Compaq Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMS (Alpha) Compaq Advanced Server V7.3 contains new functionality and enhancements.
Compaq BASIC for OpenVMS Alpha enhancements Compaq BASIC now supports the IEEE floating-point data types.
Compaq DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Compaq DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Version 1.2-6 provides a full range of changes and enhancements for your desktop.
Compaq Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS The following enhancements are available in Compaq DCE for OpenVMS Version 7.3:
  • The NT Lan Manager security in DCE RPC is fully functional.
  • New Ethernet devices may be defined with the system logical DCE$IEEE_802_DEVICE.
DECram Version 3.0 (Alpha) DECram Version 3.0 contains the following performance enhancements for Galaxy customers:
  • Capability to use Galaxy shared memory to create an OpenVMS shared memory disk
  • Faster access for data in a shared disk environment

DECram Version 3.0 and supporting documentation are included in the OpenVMS Version 7.3 CD-ROM in the [.DECRAM_030] directory.

Enterprise Capacity and Performance (ECP) Beginning with OpenVMS Version 7.3, the performance management tools ECP Data Collector for OpenVMS and the ECP Performance Analyzer for OpenVMS are included with the operating system.
Kerberos for OpenVMS Kerberos is a network authentication protocol designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography.
LDAP API (Alpha) The LDAP API is an addition to OpenVMS that provides the capability to access remote directory services such as X.500, ActiveDirectory or Novell's NDS using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). Compaq provides the tools to create a client or add LDAP functionality to an existing application so that it can access remote directories.
Compaq PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Advanced Server) OpenVMS Version 7.3 supports Compaq PATHWORKS V6.0D for OpenVMS (Advanced Server). Earlier versions of PATHWORKS for OpenVMS servers must be upgraded.
Compaq Service Tools and DECevent The Compaq Services new web-based service tool functionality is known as Web-Based Enterprise Services (WEBES). The Compaq System Tools CD-ROM included in the OpenVMS Version 7.3 CD-ROM package includes WEBES. (WEBES includes the Compaq Crash Analysis Tool (CCAT) and Compaq Analyze components.)

In addition to WEBES, the Compaq System Tools CD-ROM includes DECevent, DSNLINK, and the Revision and Configuration Management (RCM) tools.

Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.1 Compaq TCP/IP Services contains new functionality and enhancements for OpenVMS Version 7.3.

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