Digital DCE for OpenVMS VAX and OpenVMS Alpha
Installation and Configuration Guide

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Preparing for Installation
Chapter 2 Installing DCE
Chapter 3 Postinstallation Procedures
Chapter 4 Configuring DCE
Appendix A Files Created or Used on Your System
Appendix B Sample Installation Logs
Appendix C Sample Configuration Logs


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Preparing for Installation
     1.1     Planning for Installation and Configuration
         1.1.1         What Is a Cell?
         1.1.2         Creating a Cell
         1.1.3         Joining a Cell
     1.2     Inspecting the Distribution Kit
     1.3     Troubleshooting
     1.4     Installation Procedure Requirements
         1.4.1         Required Hardware
         1.4.2         Required Software
                On OpenVMS Alpha and VAX Systems
         1.4.3         Time Required for Installation
         1.4.4         Disk Space, Global Pages, and Global Sections Required
         1.4.5         Privileges and Quotas Required
         1.4.6         Completing License Management Facility Requirements
         1.4.7         Performing System Backup
         1.4.8         Installing DCE Version 1.5 Over Previous Versions
Chapter 2
2 Installing DCE
     2.1     About the OpenVMS Installation Procedure
     2.2     Starting the Digital DCE Installation Procedure
     2.3     Continuing the Installation
     2.4     Installing on a VMScluster
Chapter 3
3 Postinstallation Procedures
     3.1     Postinstallation Tasks
     3.2     Installation Error Recovery
Chapter 4
4 Configuring DCE
     4.1     Starting the System Configuration Utility
     4.2     Initial Configuration Menu
     4.3     Configuration Procedure
         4.3.1         Initial Messages
         4.3.2         Time Zone Configuration
         4.3.3         Defining the DCE Hostname
         4.3.4         Defining the DCE Cellname
         4.3.5         Defining Security Information
         4.3.6         Defining CDS
         4.3.7         Configuring Multiple LAN Cells
         4.3.8         Defining Time Services
         4.3.9         Saving the DCE Services
         4.3.10         Configuring
         4.3.11         Exiting from the Configuration
     4.4     DCE System Management Command Procedure
         4.4.1         Starting and Stopping the RPC Daemon
         4.4.2         Limiting RPC Transports
     4.5     Client Configuration Considerations
     4.6     Server Configuration Considerations
     4.7     Custom Configuration Considerations
         4.7.1         Custom Configuration for a Split Server Cell
     4.8     Considerations for Rebuilding Split Servers
     4.9     Running the Configuration Verification Procedure
     4.10     Logical Names Created During Configuration
     4.11     Configuration Error Recovery
     4.12     Configuring on a VMScluster
     4.13     Configuring in a POSIX Environment
         4.13.1         When POSIX Is Installed Before the Configuration
         4.13.2         When POSIX Is Installed After the Configuration
Appendix A
Appendix A Files Created or Used on Your System
     A.1     Installation Files
     A.2     Runtime Services Kit Files
     A.3     Application Developer's Kit Files
     A.4     Example Application Files
Appendix B
Appendix B Sample Installation Logs
     B.1     Installing Digital DCE on OpenVMS Alpha
Appendix C
Appendix C Sample Configuration Logs
     C.1     Initial Client Configuration
     C.2     Initial Server Configuration
     C.3     Showing the DCE System Configuration and the DCE Daemons
     C.4     Custom Configuration
     C.5     Adding and Deleting Replicas During Configuration
1-1 Disk Space, Global Pages, and Global Sections Requirements
4-1 Configuration Menu Options

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