Compaq Fortran
Installation Guide for
OpenVMS Alpha Systems


Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Preparing for Compaq Fortran Installation
Chapter 2 Installing Compaq Fortran
Chapter 3 After Installing Compaq Fortran


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Preparing for Compaq Fortran Installation
     1.1     The Software Product Library CD-ROM and Installation-Related Documentation Files
     1.2     Required Operating System Components
     1.3     License Registration
     1.4     Installation Procedure Requirements
         1.4.1         Installation Account Privileges and Disk Space
         1.4.2         System Parameters
                Calculating Values for GBLPAGES and GBLSECTIONS
                Changing System Parameter Values with AUTOGEN
     1.5     Backing Up Your System Disk
     1.6     Recovering from Installation Errors
Chapter 2
2 Installing Compaq Fortran
     2.1     Compaq Fortran Installation Instructions
     2.2     Installing 64-Bit Tools Support
Chapter 3
3 After Installing Compaq Fortran
     3.1     Running the Installation Verification Procedure Separately
     3.2     Modifying the System-Wide Startup Command Procedure
     3.3     VMScluster Considerations
     3.4     Making the FORTRAN Command Available After Installation
     3.5     User Account Requirements
     3.6     Enhancing Compaq Fortran Performance
     3.7     OpenVMS Upgrade Issues
     3.8     Removing Compaq Fortran
     3.9     Troubleshooting Tips
     3.10     Getting Help and Reporting Problems
1 Conventions Used in This Document
1-1 LMF Product Names Used by Compaq Fortran
1-2 Disk Space Requirements

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