9.3.59 IARGPTR ( )

Description:  Returns a pointer to the actual argument list for the current routine.  
Class:  Inquiry function; Generic 
Arguments:  None. 
Results:  The result type is INTEGER(4) on Intel processors; INTEGER(8) on Alpha processors. The actual argument list is an array of values of the same type.

On OpenVMS systems, the first element in the array contains the argument count; subsequent elements contain the INTEGER(8) address of the actual arguments. On Tru64 UNIX, Windows NT, and Windows 9* systems, the argument count is not present and the first element has the address of the first argument.

Formal (dummy) arguments that can be omitted must be declared VOLATILE. For more information, see Section 5.19. 


Consider the following:

   WRITE (*,'(" Address of argument list is ",Z16.8)') IARGPTR( )

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