9.3.61 IBCHNG (I, POS)

Description:  Reverses the value of a specified bit in an integer. 
Class:  Elemental function; Generic 
Arguments:  I Must be of type integer. This argument contains the bit to be reversed. 
  POS Must be of type integer. This argument is the position of the bit to be changed.
The rightmost (least significant) bit of I is in position 0.
Results:  The result type is the same as I. The result is equal to I with the bit in position POS reversed.

For more information on bit functions, see Section 9.2.3.


Consider the following:

J = IBCHNG(10, 2)         ! returns 14 = 1110
K = IBCHNG(10, 1)         ! returns  8 = 1000

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