Complex Editing

A complex value is an ordered pair of real values. Complex editing is specified by a pair of real edit descriptors, using any combination of the forms: Fw.d, Ew.d[Ee], Dw.d, ENw.d[Ee], ESw.d[Ee], or Gw.d[Ee].

Rules for Input Processing

On input, the two successive fields are read and assigned to the corresponding complex I/O list item as its real and imaginary part, respectively.

The following shows input using complex editing:

Format         Input                Value
F8.5,F8.5      1234567812345.67     123.45678, 12345.67
E9.1,F9.3      734.432E8123456789   734.432E8, 123456.789

Rules for Output Processing

On output, the two parts of the complex value are transferred under the control of repeated or successive real edit descriptors. The two parts are transferred consecutively without punctuation or blanks, unless control or character string edit descriptors are specified between the pair of real edit descriptors.

The following shows output using complex editing (the symbol ^ represents a nonprinting blank character):

Format              Value                   Output
2F8.5               2.3547188, 3.456732     ^2.35472 ^3.45673
E9.2,'^,^',E5.3     47587.222, 56.123       ^0.48E+06^,^*****

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