11.2.5 Logical Editing (L)

The L data edit descriptor transfers logical values. It takes the following form:


The specified I/O list item must be of type logical or integer.

The G edit descriptor can be used to edit logical data; it follows the same rules as Lw.

Rules for Input Processing

On input, the L data edit descriptor transfers w characters from an external field and assigns their logical value to the corresponding I/O list item. The value assigned depends on the external field data, as follows:

If an other value appears in the external field, an error occurs.

Rules for Output Processing

On output, the L data edit descriptor transfers the following to an external field that is w characters long: w - 1 blanks, followed by a T or F (if the value is .TRUE. or .FALSE., respectively).

The following shows output using the L edit descriptor (the symbol ^ represents a nonprinting blank character):

Format     Value         Output
L5         .TRUE.        ^^^^T
L1         .FALSE.       F

For More Information:

For details on the general form for data edit descriptors, see Section 11.2.1.

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