15.3 High Performance Fortran Directives for Tru64 UNIX Systems

Compaq Fortran includes several directives that support High Performance Fortran (HPF), an extended version of Fortran 90 for parallel programming. Compaq Fortran supports parallel execution of HPF programs on clusters of Tru64 UNIX systems with Compaq Parallel Software Environment (PSE) installed. Parallel execution can increase performance.

On OpenVMS, Windows NT and Windows 9* systems, and in programs compiled without the -wsf option on Tru64 UNIX systems, the HPF directives are parsed and checked for syntactic errors, but have no effect on program execution.

HPF directives are preceded by a special prefix that identifies them to the compiler.

There are two kinds of HPF directives: specification and executable. Specification directives must appear in the specification part of a scoping unit. Executable directives must appear in the execution part of a scoping unit.

This section describes syntax rules for the following directives:

Directive  Kind   
ALIGN  Specification  Section 15.3.2 
DISTRIBUTE  Specification  Section 15.3.3 
INDEPENDENT  Executable  Section 15.3.4 
INHERIT  Specification  Section 15.3.5 
PROCESSORS  Specification  Section 15.3.6 
SEQUENCE  Specification  Section 15.3.7 
TEMPLATE  Specification  Section 15.3.8 

For details on how to use these directives, see the Compaq High Performance Fortran 90 HPF and PSE Manual.

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