B.9 Alternative Syntax for the DELETE Statement

In Compaq Fortran, you can specify the following form of the DELETE statement when deleting records from a relative file:

 DELETE (io-unit'r [,ERR=label] [,IOSTAT=i-var])
Is the number of the logical unit containing the record to be deleted.
Is the positional number of the record to be deleted.
Is the label of an executable statement that receives control if an error condition occurs.
Is a scalar integer variable that is defined as a positive integer if an error occurs and zero if no error occurs.

This form deletes the direct access record specified by r.

For More Information:

For details on the DELETE statement for OpenVMS systems, see Section 12.3; for Tru64 UNIX, Windows NT, and Windows 9* systems, see Section 13.3.

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