B.10 Alternative Form for Namelist External Records

In Compaq Fortran, you can use the following form for an external record:

  $group-name object = value [object = value]...$[END]
Is the name of the group containing the objects to be given values. The name must have been previously defined in a NAMELIST statement in the scoping unit.
Is the name (or subobject designator) of an entity defined in the NAMELIST declaration of the group name. The object name must not contain embedded blanks, but it can be preceded or followed by blanks.
Is a null value, a constant (or list of constants), a repetition of constants in the form r*c, or a repetition of null values in the form r*.

If more than one object=value or more than one value is specified, they must be separated by value separators.

A value separator is any number of blanks, or a comma or slash, preceded or followed by any number of blanks.

For More Information:

For details on namelist input, see Section; output, see Section

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