E.2 QuickWin Routines (WNT, W9*)

QuickWin routines help you turn graphics programs into simple Windows applications. To use a Quickwin routine, add the following statement to the program unit containing the routine:


You must also specify a compiler option to use these routines. For more information, see your Programmer's Guide.

Graphic routines (see Section E.3) are also used in QuickWin applications.

Table E-2 summarizes QuickWin routines.

Table E-2 Summary of Quickwin Routines (WNT, W9*)

Name  Description 
Routines for Window Control and Inquiry 
FOCUSQQ  Sets focus to specified window. 
GETACTIVEQQ  Returns the unit number of the currently active child. 
GETHWNDQQ  Converts the unit number into a Windows handle for functions that require it. 
GETWINDOWCONFIG  Returns current window properties. 
GETWSIZEQQ  Returns the size and position of a window. 
INQFOCUSQQ  Determines which window has focus. 
SETACTIVEQQ  Makes a child window active, but does not give it focus. 
SETWINDOWCONFIG  Sets current window properties. 
SETWSIZEQQ  Sets the size and position of a window. 
Routines to Enhance QuickWin Applications 
ABOUTBOXQQ  Adds an About Box with customized text. 
APPENDMENUQQ  Appends a menu item. 
CLICKMENUQQ  Simulates the effect of clicking or selecting a menu item. 
DELETEMENUQQ  Deletes a menu item. 
GETEXITQQ  Returns the setting for a QuickWin application's exit behavior. 
INCHARQQ  Reads a single character input from the keyboard and returns the ASCII value of that character without any buffering. 
INITIALSETTINGS  Controls initial menu settings and initial frame window. 
INSERTMENUQQ  Inserts a menu item. 
MESSAGEBOXQQ  Displays a message box. 
MODIFYMENUFLAGSQQ  Modifies a menu item's state. 
MODIFYMENUROUTINEQQ  Modifies a menu item's callback routine. 
MODIFYMENUSTRINGQQ  Modifies a menu item's text string. 
PASSDIRKEYSQQ  Determines the behavior of direction and page keys. 
REGISTERMOUSEEVENT  Registers the application defined routines to be called on mouse events. 
SETEXITQQ  Sets a QuickWin application's exit behavior. 
SETMESSAGEQQ  Changes any QuickWin message, including status bar messages, state messages, and dialog box messages. 
SETWINDOWMENUQQ  Sets the menu to which a list of current child window names are appended. 
WAITONMOUSEEVENT  Blocks a return until a mouse event occurs. 
Color Conversion Routines 
INTEGERTORGB  Converts an RGB color value to its red, green, and blue components. 
RGBTOINTEGER  Converts integers specifying red, green, and blue color into an RGB integer (for use in RGB routines). 

For more information on these routines, see the Compaq Visual Fortran online Reference.

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