15.2.4 Compaq Fortran Parallel Compiler Directives (U*X only)

Compaq Fortran supplies parallel directives that you can use for compatibility with older programs that were written for parallel execution.

This section describes the following parallel directives:

The Compaq Fortran parallel directives can be grouped into the categories shown in Table 15-4.

Table 15-4 Categories of Compaq Fortran Parallel Directives (U*X only)

Category  Description 
Parallel region  Defines a parallel region: PARALLEL 
Work-sharing  Divide the execution of the enclosed block of code among the members of the team that encounter it: PDO, PSECTIONS, SINGLE PROCESS 
Combined parallel work-sharing  Shortcut for denoting a parallel region that contains only one work-sharing construct: PARALLEL DO and PARALLEL SECTIONS 
Synchronization  Provide various aspects of synchronization; for example, access to a block of code, or execution order of statements within a block of code: BARRIER and CRITICAL SECTION 
Data Environment  Control the data environment during the execution of parallel constructs: COPYIN, INSTANCE, TASKCOMMON 
Execution Defaults  Specify a default chunk or schedule type: CHUNK and MP_SCHEDTYPE 

For details on how to use these directives, see your user manual.

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