F.1 OpenMP Fortran API Run-Time Library Routines (U*X only)

Table F-1 summarizes the the Compaq Fortran OpenMP Fortran API run-time library routines. These routines are all external procedures.

Table F-1 Summary of Compaq Fortran OpenMP Parallel Routines (U*X only)

Name  Description 
omp_set_num_threads  Sets the number of threads to use for the next parallel region. 
omp_get_num_threads  Gets the number of threads currently in the team executing the parallel region from which the routine is called. 
omp_get_max_threads  Gets the maximum value that can be returned by calls to the omp_get_num_threads( ) function. 
omp_get_thread_num  Gets the thread number, within the team, in the range from zero to omp_get_num_threads( ) minus one. 
omp_get_num_procs  Gets the number of processors that are available to the program. 
omp_in_parallel  Informs whether or not a region is executing in parallel. 
omp_set_dynamic  Enables or disables dynamic adjustment of the number of threads available for execution of parallel regions. 
omp_get_dynamic  Informs whether or not dynamic thread adjustment is enabled. 
omp_set_nested  Enables or disables nested parallelism. 
omp_get_nested  Informs whether or not nested parallelism is enabled. 
omp_init_lock  Initializes a lock to be used in subsequent calls. 
omp_destroy_lock  Disassociates a lock variable from any locks. 
omp_set_lock  Makes the executing thread wait until the specified lock is available. 
omp_unset_lock  Releases the executing thread from ownership of a lock. 
omp_test_lock  Tries to set the lock associated with a lock variable. 

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