Document revision date: 19 July 1999
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OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2-1
New Features and Release Notes Manual

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 New Features
Chapter 3 Release Notes
Chapter 4 Managing the OpenVMS Registry


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Overview
         1.1.1         Layered Product Updates
     1.2     OpenVMS Releases
         1.2.1         OpenVMS Major Release
         1.2.2         OpenVMS Minor Release
         1.2.3         OpenVMS Maintenance Release
         1.2.4         OpenVMS Limited Hardware Release
     1.3     Upgrade Paths
     1.4     Installing or Upgrading the Software
Chapter 2
2 New Features
     2.1     COM Version 1.1 for OpenVMS
         2.1.1         COM for OpenVMS Delivery
     2.2     OpenVMS Galaxy Support for AlphaServer GS60/GS140 Systems
     2.3     OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         2.3.1         Fibre Channel Support
                Fibre Channel Support in Galaxy Configurations
                Serving Fibre Channel Disks in a Mixed Version/Mixed Architecture OpenVMS Cluster System
                Fibre Channel Support and Documentation
         2.3.2         Multipath Failover Support
                Boot Support for Devices with an HSZ Allocation Class
         2.3.3         MEMORY CHANNEL Version 2.0 Support
         2.3.4         Gigabit Ethernet Support
     2.4     Fast Ethernet Support
     2.5     Netscape FastTrack Web Server Version 3.01A for OpenVMS Alpha
     2.6     Availability Manager Version 1.2
Chapter 3
3 Release Notes
     3.1     Correction to the BACKUP Application Programming Interface (API)
     3.2     BACKUP/JOURNAL Failure Corrected
     3.3     Cluster Compatibility: Remedial Kits Needed for Versions 6.2, 7.1, 7.1-2, and 7.2
     3.4     Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS: Remedial Kit Recommended
     3.5     DECnet Requirement
     3.6     Gigabit Ethernet Switch Restriction in an OpenVMS Cluster System
     3.7     I/O to Tribytes in PCI Space Unsupported
     3.8     I/O to Unaligned Words in PCI Space Is Not Allowed
     3.9     MOUNT Timing Change
     3.10     Mount Verification Failure of Write-Locked Devices
     3.11     Mounting Multiple CD-ROMs
     3.12     Multipath Devices: Volume Rebuilds During Mount Operation
     3.13     Multipath Failover Fails Infrequently on HSZ70/HSZ80 Controllers
     3.14     Multipath SCSI and FC Shadow Sets: Adjustments to System Parameters
     3.15     Multiple Tape Density Updates
         3.15.1         Guidelines for Multiple Tape Density Use
         3.15.2         Documentation Updates Associated with Multiple Tape Density
     3.16     PowerStorm 4D10T (ELSA) Graphics Card Support
     3.17     Documentation Updates
         3.17.1         DCL Commands and Lexical Functions
         3.17.2         I/O User's Reference Manual
         3.17.3         Migrating an Application from OpenVMS VAX to OpenVMS Alpha
         3.17.4         System Services
Chapter 4
4 Managing the OpenVMS Registry
     4.1     Configuring the OpenVMS Registry: the REG$CONFIG Configuration Utility
         4.1.1         Configuring OpenVMS Registry Values
     4.2     Starting the OpenVMS Registry
         4.2.1         Starting the OpenVMS Registry Manually
     4.3     Shutting Down the OpenVMS Registry
     4.4     OpenVMS Registry Server Commands
     4.5     OpenVMS Registry Failover in a Cluster
         4.5.1         Changing the Priority of OpenVMS Registry Server Processes
     4.6     Connecting to the OpenVMS Registry from a Windows NT System
     4.7     OpenVMS Registry Quotas
     4.8     OpenVMS Registry Security
     4.9     Backing Up and Restoring the OpenVMS Registry Database
     4.10     Using the OpenVMS Registry in an Alpha Mixed-Version Cluster
     4.11     Internationalization and Unicode Support
4-1 OpenVMS Registry Manual Startup Procedure
4-2 Setting Priority Values
4-3 Changing Priority Values
1-1 OpenVMS Alpha Upgrade Paths
1-2 OpenVMS VAX Upgrade Paths
2-1 Summary of Differences Between COM Version 1.0 for OpenVMS and COM Version 1.1 for OpenVMS
2-2 Multipath Support for SCSI and FC Devices
3-1 Remedial Kits Required for Cluster Compatibility
3-2 System Parameter Settings for Multipath Shadow Sets

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