KAP C for OpenVMS Alpha
Installation Guide

April 1997

This document contains instructions for installing KAP C on OpenVMS Alpha systems.

Revision /Update Information This is a revised document.

Operating System and Version: OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1

Software Version: KAP C Version 3.1

Digital Equipment Corporation
Maynard, Massachusetts

First Printing, February 1993

Revised, April 1997

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1 Preparing for the KAP C Installation

1.1 Required Operating System Components

1.2 License Registration

1.3 Required Privileges

1.4 Hardware Requirements

1.4.1 Required Disk Space

1.5 VMSINSTAL Requirements

1.6 VMSINSTAL Quotas Requirements

1.7 Backing Up Your System Disk

2 KAP C Installation Procedure

2.1 KAP Command Options

3 After Installing KAP C

3.1 Running the Installation Verification Procedure

3.2 Reviewing Release Notes

3.3 Editing System Startup Procedures

3.4 Reporting Problems

A Files Installed on Your System

B Sample Installation



A-1 KAP Files Installed

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