Document revision date: 19 July 1999
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OpenVMS Version 7.2 Release Notes

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Chapter 3
3 General User Release Notes
     3.1     COM for OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
         3.1.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Field Test Versions Incompatible with OpenVMS Version 7.2
     3.2     DCL Commands
         3.2.1         Changes and Enhancements
         3.2.2         Problems and Restrictions
                SET PROCESS/NOAUTO_UNSHELVE Command in Cluster Environment
     3.3     DECTPU
         3.3.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Motif Widget Context Help Built-In
         3.3.2         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                DEC Text Processing Utility Reference Manual
     3.4     High-Performance Sort/Merge Utility (Alpha Only)
         3.4.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Concurrent Sort Operations
         3.4.2         Corrections
                Error Messages Problem Fixed
                Merging Stream Files Limitation Fixed
Chapter 4
4 System Management Release Notes
     4.1     Alpha System Dump Analyzer (SDA)
         4.1.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Number of Nonpaged Pool Lookaside Lists Increased
     4.2     Backup Utility
         4.2.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Writing a Save Set to a Files-11 Mounted Disk
         4.2.2         Problems and Restrictions
                /MEDIA_FORMAT=COMPACTION Qualifier Ineffective on TA90 Devices
                /OWNER and /BY_OWNER Qualifiers Require Numerical Identifiers
     4.3     Compaq Galaxy Software Architecture on OpenVMS Alpha
     4.4     DECamds
         4.4.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Installation Procedure Change
                Event Log File and Lock Log File Enhanced
                Handling of Unknown Adapter Types Improved
                Similar Groups Sorted Correctly
         4.4.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Kernel Threads Not Supported (Alpha Only)
     4.5     DECdtm Services
         4.5.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Kernel Threads Restriction (Alpha Only)
     4.6     DECevent Fault Management Support
         4.6.1         Changes and Enhancements
                DECevent Version 2.9 or Later Required to Analyze Errors
     4.7     Extended File Specifications
         4.7.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Mixed UNIX Style and VMS Style File Names Not Supported (Alpha Only)
     4.8     External Authentication
         4.8.1         Changes and Enhancements
                FTP Server Uses External Authentication
                DCL Command Interface to Control External Authentication
         4.8.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Failed Connection Attempts on POP Server
                SET PASSWORD Behavior Within a DECterm Terminal Session
                DECnet Phase IV Requirement
                Impact on Layered Products and Applications
                Mixed-Version OpenVMS Cluster Systems
                LGI Callout Services Disable External Authentication
                DECwindows Pause Screen Uses SYSUAF Password
                DECnet-Plus and NET_CALLOUTS Parameter
                No Password Expiration Notification on Workstations
     4.9     Fast Path (Alpha Only)
         4.9.1         Changes and Enhancements
                SYSGEN Parameter Changes
                DCL Support
                STOP/CPU Command Is Allowed
     4.10     Lock Manager
         4.10.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Lock Manager and Nonpaged Pool (Alpha Only)
     4.11     Monitor Utility
         4.11.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Monitoring Pre-Version 7.2 Nodes from Version 7.2 Nodes
                Changes to MONITOR Recording File
         4.11.2         Documentation Changes and Corrections
     4.12     Mount Utility
         4.12.1         Problems and Restrictions
                /MEDIA_FORMAT=COMPACTION Qualifier Ineffective on TA90 Devices
                Mounting Write-Protected Disks in a Mixed-Version Cluster
     4.13     OPCOM
         4.13.1         Corrections
     4.14     OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         4.14.1         Changes and Enhancements
                New HSZ Allocation Class (Alpha Only)
                OpenVMS Cluster Compatibility Kits for Version 6.2 Systems
                Cluster Client License Changes
         4.14.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Mixed-Version Incompatibilities
                DECnet-Plus Satellite Boot Restriction (Alpha Only)
                MSCP_SERVE_ALL and Mixed-Version Clusters
                SCSI Device-Naming Restrictions When Port Allocation Class Used
                Multipath Support for Parallel SCSI and Fibre Channel (Alpha Only)
                Fibre Channel Support (Alpha Only)
                SCSI Shared Interconnect Requires Same Node Allocation Class (Alpha Only)
                AlphaServer 4000/4100 Systems Problem in SCSI Clusters
                CI-to-PCI (CIPCA) Adapter (Alpha Only)
                        HSJ50 Firmware Version Restriction for Use of 4K CI Packets
                        Multiprocessor Systems with CIPCAs: CPUSPINWAIT Bugcheck Avoidance
                MEMORY CHANNEL (Alpha Only)
                        Rolling Upgrades
                Booting Satellites with DECnet--Plus
                System Startup in an OpenVMS Cluster Environment (Alpha Only)
         4.14.3         Corrections
                SCSI Device Naming and Quorum Disk Problem Corrected (Alpha Only)
                SCSI Device-Naming Problem with PKA Device Corrected
                SCSI Device-Naming Conflict That Prevented Satellite Booting Corrected
                MSCP_CMD_TMO System Parameter Corrections
     4.15     OpenVMS File System
         4.15.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Performance and Configuration Requirements of Large Bitmaps
                Changing Disk Cluster Factor Can Create Incompatibilities
                Storage Bitmap Might Be Smaller Than Volume Requires
     4.16     POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility
         4.16.1         Changes and Enhancements
                DECwindows Motif Interface Retired
         4.16.2         Problems and Restrictions
                PRODUCT Command Lacks Options to Control Output
                Product Removal Restrictions
     4.17     RMS Journaling
         4.17.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Modified Journal File Creation
         4.17.2         Problems and Restrictions
                After-Image (AI) Journaling
                Remote Access of Recovery Unit Journaled Files in an OSI Environment
                VFC Format Sequential Files
     4.18     Security
         4.18.1         Changes and Enhancements
                DETACH Privilege Renamed to IMPERSONATE
                DIRECTORY Command Now Summarizes Suppressed PATHWORKS ACEs
     4.19     Show Cluster Utility
         4.19.1         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                OpenVMS System Management Utilities Reference Manual: M--Z
     4.20     SYS$EXAMPLES
         4.20.1         Changes and Enhancements
                SET PREFERRED_PATH Command Replaces PREFER.MAR and PREFER.CLD
     4.21     System Parameters
         4.21.1         Changes and Enhancements
                System Parameters Help
                MAXBOBMEM (Alpha Only)
                MMG_CTLFLAGS (Alpha Only)
                SCSCONNCNT Is Obsolete
                VBN_CACHE_S (VAX Only)
                VCC_MAXSIZE (Alpha Only)
         4.21.2         Problems and Restrictions
                ARB_SUPPORT (Alpha Only)
         4.21.3         Corrections
         4.21.4         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                ARB_SUPPORT Default Value Is 3 (Alpha Only)
                MPDEV_REMOTE Is Not Supported
     4.22     Terminal Fallback Facility (TFF) (Alpha Only)
     4.23     Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS
         4.23.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Shadow Set Member Support Raised to 500
         4.23.2         Problems and Restrictions
                HSD10 Virtual Disks
                Minimerge Capability for System Disk Requires DUMPSTYLE Parameter (Alpha Only)
                Minimerge Version Incompatibility
                HSZ40 and Transportable SCSI Disk Shadow-Set Members
         4.23.3         Corrections
                Incompatibility with StorageWorks RAID Software Corrected
                Bad Block Repair (BBR) Logic Problem Corrected

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