Document revision date: 19 July 1999
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OpenVMS Version 7.2 Release Notes

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 OpenVMS Installation, Upgrade, and Hardware Release Notes
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Layered Products Release Notes
Chapter 3 General User Release Notes
Chapter 4 System Management Release Notes
Chapter 5 Programming Release Notes
Chapter 6 Device Support on OpenVMS Systems
Chapter 7 Using Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)
Appendix A Product Retirement Notices
Appendix B Remedial Kits Included in OpenVMS Version 7.2


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 OpenVMS Installation, Upgrade, and Hardware Release Notes
     1.1     Compaq's Support Policy
     1.2     Installation and Upgrade Information Common to VAX and Alpha
         1.2.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Networking Options
                Installing Network Transport Products
                Upgrading Systems Running PATHWORKS V6.0/6.0A for OpenVMS (Advanced Server)
                DECevent Version 2.9 or Later Required to Analyze Errors
                OpenVMS Cluster Compatibility Kits for Version 6.2 Systems
         1.2.2         Problems and Restrictions
                PCSI-I-RETAIN Messages During DECnet-Plus Installation
     1.3     Installation and Upgrade Information Specific to VAX
         1.3.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Magnetic Tape Distribution
         1.3.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Error at Shutdown After Booting CD-ROM for Full Environment Installation
                Changing System Time Causes Write Lock Error
     1.4     Installation and Upgrade Information Specific to Alpha
         1.4.1         Changes and Enhancements
                64 MB of Memory Required
         1.4.2         Problems and Restrictions
                BAP System Parameter Tuning Required
                DECwindows Motif V1.2--5 Provided in Reference Format
                Remove Java Version A1.1 Before Upgrading
                Spiralog File System Not Supported
                Error When Upgrading DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
                Error When Removing DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS (UCX) Version 4.2
                Rolling Upgrades for MEMORY CHANNEL Configurations
                X.25 Version 1.0--G and Earlier Not Supported
                X.25 Version 1.1--B for OpenVMS Alpha Crashes OpenVMS Version 7.2
     1.5     ALPHAbook 1 (Alpha Only)
         1.5.1         Using the SCSI_MODE Utility
         1.5.2         Naming Serial Line Devices
         1.5.3         Graphics Display Modes
         1.5.4         Customizing the Graphics Display
         1.5.5         PCMCIA Bus Support
         1.5.6         Audio Support
         1.5.7         Keyboard Mapping
         1.5.8         OpenVMS Cluster Restrictions
     1.6     AlphaServer 1000A (Alpha Only)
         1.6.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Bus Probe Algorithm Default
                Installation Failure with DEFPA Adapter
     1.7     AlphaServer 2100 (Alpha Only)
         1.7.1         Console Display
         1.7.2         SCSI Controller Restriction
     1.8     AlphaServer 4100 (Alpha Only)
         1.8.1         Problems and Restrictions
                EISA Configuration Utility (ECU)
         1.8.2         FRU Table Error
     1.9     AlphaServer 8200 and AlphaServer 8400 (Alpha Only)
         1.9.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Field Replaceable Units (FRU) Table Error
                Environmental Data Restrictions
     1.10     AlphaStation 255 (Alpha Only)
     1.11     DEC 7000 (Alpha Only)
         1.11.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Ctrl/P Behavior Change During Boot
     1.12     DECwindows X11 Display Server (Alpha Only)
         1.12.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Ctrl/F2 Behavior Change
         1.12.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Graphics Boards Support
                PowerStorm Graphics Cards Can Hang System
                S3 Multihead Graphics
     1.13     DIGITAL Modular Computing Components (DMCC) (Alpha Only)
         1.13.1         Problems and Restrictions
                CPUSPINWAIT Crash and Recovery on DMCC 21164A Systems
                Alpha 5/366 and 5/433 PICMG SBC Restriction
                Updating the SRM Console
     1.14     OSU HTTP Server
         1.14.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Running on OpenVMS Version 7.2
     1.15     RF73 and Other RFnn DSSI Disk Devices
         1.15.1         Problems and Restrictions
                RF73 and Other RFnn DSSI Disk Devices and Controller Memory Errors
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Layered Products Release Notes
     2.1     Layered Product Support
     2.2     Advanced Server V7.2 for OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
     2.3     DEC BASIC
         2.3.1         Problems and Restrictions
                BASIC$STARLET.TLB Build Restriction (Alpha Only)
     2.4     DEC C and DEC C++
         2.4.1         Changes and Enhancements
                STARLET Header Files Now Ship with OpenVMS VAX
         2.4.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Pre-Version 5.2 Kits May Delete SYS$STARLET_C.TLB (VAX Only)
                DEC C++ Version 5.3 Installation Fails (VAX Only)
     2.5     DEC Pascal
         2.5.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Installing DEC Pascal Version 5.5 After an Upgrade (Alpha Only)
     2.6     DEC PL/I
         2.6.1         Problems and Restrictions
                RTL Support for OpenVMS
     2.7     DECdfs for OpenVMS
         2.7.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Version 2.3 Required for OpenVMS Alpha
     2.8     DECforms
         2.8.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Support on OpenVMS Version 7.0 and Later (Alpha Only)
     2.9     DECnet Layered Products
         2.9.1         Problems and Restrictions
         2.9.2         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS Network Management
     2.10     DECpresent
         2.10.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Installation Dependency on OpenVMS VAX Version 6.1 or Later
     2.11     DECram
         2.11.1         Problems and Restrictions
                DECram Version 2.3 Is Required (Alpha Only)
     2.12     DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
         2.12.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Version 1.2--5 Ships with Year 2000 Enhancements
                Year 2000 Kits for Versions 1.2--3 and 1.2--4
                Adobe Display PostScript Support
                Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic Support
                Installing Version 1.2--5 on Older OpenVMS Releases
                DECwindows Motif Version 1.2 for OpenVMS No Longer Supported
         2.12.2         Problems and Restrictions
                System Parameter Values Required for Installation
                Language Variants Not Available in Some Versions
                Remedial Kits for DECwindows Motif Version 1.2--3
                Console Broadcasts Disabled
                System Files Purged During Startup
         2.12.3         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                Getting Started With the New Desktop (Alpha Only)
     2.13     Digital Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) for OpenVMS
         2.13.1         Changes and Enhancements
                DCE System Management Command Procedure
         2.13.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Authenticated RPC Functionality Not Available
     2.14     DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
         2.14.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Changes in Version 5.0
     2.15     PATHWORKS for OpenVMS
         2.15.1         Changes and Enhancements
                PATHWORKS Advanced Server V6.0/6.0A Replacement
                PATHWORKS V5 for OpenVMS (LAN Manager) Not Supported
     2.16     POSIX for OpenVMS
         2.16.1         Problems and Restrictions
                POSIX for OpenVMS Is Not Supported
     2.17     Process MultiNet for OpenVMS
         2.17.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Update Required for OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2
     2.18     Wind/U Products for OpenVMS

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