Document revision date: 19 July 1999
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OpenVMS Version 7.2 Release Notes

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Chapter 6
6 Device Support on OpenVMS Systems
     6.1     Recompiling and Relinking OpenVMS Device Drivers
         6.1.1         Possible Per-Threads Security Impacts on Alpha Device Drivers
         6.1.2         Alpha and VAX SCSI Device Drivers
         6.1.3         OpenVMS Alpha Device Drivers
     6.2     Restriction: Parallel SCSI Support for Logical Unit Numbers
     6.3     Selective Autoconfiguration Unsupported in Some SCSI Configurations
     6.4     Changed Behavior of IO$_SKIPFILE Function
     6.5     CRCTX Routines Enhanced (Alpha Only)
     6.6     New Values for Length Parameter in System Routines (Alpha Only)
     6.7     Memory Barriers Required in Drivers for DMA (Alpha Only)
     6.8     ISA_CONFIG.DAT Unsupported in Future Release (Alpha Only)
     6.9     Required Change in ISA_CONFIG.DAT on AlphaStation 200/400
     6.10     Naming Serial Line Devices on Alpha Systems
     6.11     Memory Holes on AlphaServer 4100 Systems
     6.12     SYS$MSBDRIVER Removed from OpenVMS Alpha Distribution
     6.13     Device IPL Setup for OpenVMS Alpha Drivers
     6.14     AlphaStation 255: PCI Configuration Restriction
     6.15     Recommendation for RZ25M and RZ26N Disk Drives (Alpha)
     6.16     SCSI Controller Restriction on AlphaServer 2100 Systems
     6.17     OpenVMS Alpha SCSI Firmware Support
         6.17.1         Recommended Firmware Support for RZ26N and RZ28M Disks
         6.17.2         Required Firmware for Multihost Use of RZ26L and RZ28 Disks
                Firmware Revision Level 442 Requirements
                Firmware Revision Level 442 Installation Procedure
     6.18     OpenVMS Alpha SCSI Port and Class Drivers
         6.18.1         Add-On SCSI Adapters
         6.18.2         SCSI Disk I/O Performance Degradation for KZMSA XMI and Adaptec 1742A Adapters
     6.19     OpenVMS Alpha Device Support Documentation
Chapter 7
7 Using Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)
     7.1     Required Code Checks
     7.2     Using the Code Analysis Tool
     7.3     Characteristics of Noncompliant Code
     7.4     Coding Requirements
     7.5     Compiler Versions
     7.6     Interlocked Memory Sequence Checking for the MACRO--32 Compiler
     7.7     Recompiling Code with ALONONPAGED_INLINE or LAL_REMOVE_FIRST Macros
Appendix A
Appendix A Product Retirement Notices
     A.1     Adobe Display PostScript Not Supported in DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS
     A.2     DECthreads: POSIX 1003.4a Draft 4 Interface To Be Retired
     A.3     ISA_CONFIG.DAT Unsupported in Future Release (Alpha Only)
     A.4     PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (NetWare)
     A.5     POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility: DECwindows Motif Interface Retired
     A.6     POSIX for OpenVMS Retirement
     A.7     Spiralog File System Retired
     A.8     Spyglass Enhanced Mosaic Not Supported on DECwindows Motif V1.2--5
     A.9     X.25 Client for OpenVMS Alpha Retirement (Alpha Only)
     A.10     Archived Manuals
Appendix B
Appendix B Remedial Kits Included in OpenVMS Version 7.2
     B.1     Remedial Kits Included in OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.2
     B.2     Remedial Kits Included in OpenVMS VAX Version 7.2
6-1 Example Memory Diagram
1-1 Documentation: Configuring and Managing Networks
1-2 Supported Microcode Revision Levels
1-3 Commands for Updating Microcode in Certain DSSI Disk Devices
2-1 DECram Support on OpenVMS
4-1 TFF Character Fallback Tables
4-2 SHADOW_SYS_DISK System Parameter Settings
5-1 Obsolete Data Cells and New Location of Security Information
5-2 Ignored$PERSONA_ASSUME Flags
5-3 Ignored$PERSONA_CREATE Flags
6-1 Values for Length Parameter
6-2 Revision Level 442 Firmware Compatibility
7-1 OpenVMS Compilers
A-1 Manuals Archived with OpenVMS Version 7.2

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