Document revision date: 19 July 1999
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OpenVMS Version 7.2 Release Notes

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Chapter 5
5 Programming Release Notes
     5.1     Backup API
         5.1.1         Changes and Enhancements
                New Flag BCK_OPTYP_IGNORE_K_STRUCTURE
         5.1.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Unexpected Informational Message
                Journaling Callback Events Restriction
                Repetitive Calls to BACKUP$START Can Cause an Error
     5.2     Batch and Print Queues
         5.2.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Terminating Executing Batch Jobs
     5.3     COM for OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
     5.4     Debugging Modes
         5.4.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Avoiding CPUSPINWAIT Bugchecks
     5.5     DEC Ada Run-Time Library
         5.5.1         Changes and Enhancements
                OpenVMS Text Libraries Containing Ada Declarations
         5.5.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Unexpected Storage Errors (Alpha Only)
         5.5.3         Corrections
                AST Procedures No Longer Get Access Violations
     5.6     DEC C Run-Time Library
         5.6.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Internationalization Support
                Euro Support
                New Functions
                Cache of OpenVMS Environment
                mmap Function Allows Creation of Global and Permanent Sections
                wait Functions Can Return Completion Code of Child Process
     5.7     DECthreads
         5.7.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Thread Stack Size
                Static Initialization Inappropriate for Stack-Based Synchronization Objects
                POSIX 1003.4a Draft 4 Interface Retirement
         5.7.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Incorrect Success Exit Status Values Returned
                Language Support
                DECthreads Debugger Metering Function
                C Run-Time Library errno Value
                SET TASK/ACTIVE Command
     5.8     DECTPU for DECwindows Motif
         5.8.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Small Display Monitors and DECwindows Motif Applications
     5.9     High-Performance Sort/Merge Utility (Alpha Only)
     5.10     Lexical Functions
         5.10.1         Changes and Enhancements
                F$GETSYI Lexical: Item NODE_HWTYPE Is Obsolete
     5.11     Librarian Utility
         5.11.1         Problems and Restrictions
                PGFLQUOTA Should Exceed 23000 (Alpha Only)
     5.12     Linker Utility
         5.12.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Limit of 25 Elements on Stack
         5.12.2         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                OpenVMS Linker Utility Manual
     5.13     LTDRIVER
         5.13.1         Problems and Restrictions
                CANCEL SELECTIVE Cannot Cancel IO$_TTY_PORT Functions
     5.14     MACRO--32 Compiler for OpenVMS Alpha (Alpha Only)
     5.15     Mail Utility
         5.15.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Threads Restriction for Callable Mail
     5.16     Mathematics (MTH$) Run-Time Library
         5.16.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Linking Images to Run on Previous OpenVMS VAX Versions (VAX Only)
     5.17     OpenVMS Registry (Alpha Only)
     5.18     POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility
         5.18.1         Problems and Restrictions
                Generation Option of File Statement
     5.19     Privileged Interfaces and Data Structures (Alpha Only)
         5.19.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Per-Thread Security and Backward Compatibility
                Privileged Code Changes at Version 7.0
         5.19.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Per-Thread Security Impacts Privileged Code and Device Drivers
     5.20     Record Management Services (RMS)
         5.20.1         Changes and Enhancements
                Ellipsis Processing of [000000...] Now Finds All Files
                Circular Directory Path Detection (Alpha Only)
                Directory Cache Limits Removed
     5.21     Run-Time Library (LIB$)
         5.21.1         Problems and Restrictions
                LIB$FIND_IMAGE_SYMBOL Signals Warning for Modules with Compilation Errors
         5.21.2         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                OpenVMS RTL Library (LIB$) Manual
     5.22     Screen Management (SMG$) Facility
         5.22.1         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                OpenVMS RTL Screen Management (SMG$) Manual
     5.23     String Manipulation (STR$) Facility
         5.23.1         Documentation Changes and Corrections
                OpenVMS RTL String Manipulation (STR$) Manual
     5.24     System Services
         5.24.1         Changes and Enhancements
                $PERSONA System Services: Flags Ignored (Alpha Only)
                $PERSONA System Services: Default Privilege Change (Alpha Only)
                $PERSONA System Services: Audit Record Change (Alpha Only)
         5.24.2         Problems and Restrictions
                Linking SECURESHR Images to Run on Older Versions
                $SUSPND Behaves Incorrectly in a Cluster Environment
         5.24.3         Corrections
                $PERSONA Restrictions Removed (Alpha Only)
     5.25     X/Open Transport Interface (XTI)
         5.25.1         Changes and Enhancements
         5.25.2         Problems and Restrictions

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